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Middle School Football 

Is open to 7th and 8th grade players. There is a registration cap of 60 players.

AJFL provided Equipment: 

Helmet, shoulder pads, practice and game jersey, practice and game pants, girdle with pads.

What you will need to provide: 

Cleats (not metal), white ankle socks, football belt, athletic supporter, mouth guard, water bottle. 

During cold weather an Andover Blue tight long sleeve shirt under the game jersey.


We play in the Northeast Junior High Football  League:  http://www.northeastjhfl.com/site/


GAME LOCATIONS can be found here:



2018 Season Info:

  • MANDATORY equipment pickup on the August 12th. We will also have an optional equipment pickup sometime in the week prior.
  • Football practice starts on the August 13th
  • Practice will be 3 days a week. Coach will provide details at the beginning of the season.
  • Jamboree: In August,  we will play other teams within the league so that the players have an opportunity to play before the season starts.‚Äč
  • The season ends at the end of October. Depending if we make the playoffs, we could be playing until the middle of November.
  • We will gladly accept any help from parents as assistant coaches. However, parents will NOT be coaching their own player.
  • 7th graders will have the 1st week to decide if they want to stay on the middle school team or go back to in-town.
  • The players that make all practices will get priority in play time. This is a matter of safety more than anything else.
  • The first two weeks of practice are ESSENTIAL to getting a good jump on the season.
  • We WILL have practice at least once over the Columbus break in October. There will also be a game that weekend.